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Introducing our new student assistant

Hello, I am Margaux and I’ll be joining the University of Huddersfield Press team this year. I’m a first-year PhD student, researching, in Applied Linguistics and more specifically conversation analysis. I did my MA in Applied Linguistics at Huddersfield and my BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences (cognitive neuroscience, computer science, statistics and linguistics) at University College Roosevelt. My research interests lie in the realms storytelling, reporting practices and conversation analysis.

I’ll be writing blog posts and providing you all with social media updates! I hope to get more experience in publishing and marketing, as I am not yet sure if I want to continue in academia but want to explore ways to apply my skills. My interest in languages and linguistics started with a passion for books and reading (and a curiosity that has irked classmates and teachers alike), so I thought that going ‘back to basics’ might be the best way to gain relevant professional experiences. I am excited to work for the University of Huddersfield Press as I value open access publishing and am a strong advocate for this. I dream that one day all research will be freely available.

My side projects include cooking and baking, and I run a small Facebook page where I sell homemade baked goods for their cost price to sustain this hobby. I then spend the profits I did not make on notebooks I don’t really need and books I will ‘definitely read this year and not just add to the ever-growing list’.


Welcome to Rebecca – our new student helper

Welcome to Rebecca – our new student helper


Hi everyone, I’m delighted to be a part of the University press team, working as the new student helper. I’m currently a third year English Literature with Creative Writing student, but as part of the team I’ll be organising social media posts and advertising, and writing blog posts (hopefully better than this one).

I’m quite a creative person, so after my studies, I would like to venture into advertising or creative copyrighting. While at the University Press, I hope to broaden my experience within the professional world of marketing and publishing, and I’m looking forward to seeing what these next couple of months brings.

Alongside work and university, I enjoy writing prose fiction and poetry in my spare time, as well as painting the odd picture and writing reviews and articles for my personal blog. This is slowly turning into the ‘personal profile’ section on my CV, so I’m going end it there.

I’ll be involved with lots of exciting journal and book projects over the next few months, so watch this space!