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University of Huddersfield Press launches a new collaboration with Informit.

About Informit
Informit is an open access publishing platform which is mainly used by Australian academics and professionals, but provides access to researchers, practitioners and other users worldwide.Informit provides content from over a 100 specialist databases, covering a wide range of disciplines, such as humanities, business, law, social science, health, engineering and education. As an Australian organisation, Informit holds a collection centred around Australian cultural, social and literary heritage “with a focus on regional perspectives and otherwise hard-to-find research”.

‘We are excited to be hosting 24 important University of Huddersfield Press titles on Informit. These titles are a great addition to our Collections and signify the start of a great relationship.’


Keep up-to-date with the latest research
On Informit, users can both read publications online or download them for offline access. Furthermore, users can subscribe to newsfeeds to keep up-to-date with the latest publications in their subject area. Informit provides (video) tutorials which aid users in searching Informit, setting up a feed and creating alerts.

University of Huddersfield Press Publications on Informit
The following journals from the University of Huddersfield Press are now available on Informit:

In addition to these journals, the books listed underneath are also freely accessible:

The University of Huddersfield Press celebrates a growing partnership with Science Open.

Science Open is a freely accessible platform for academic research. Articles, books and chapters can be read and downloaded free of charge and it currently hosts over 59 million articles, 25.000 journals and work by 26 million authors. 

Create your own tailored collection
Science Open allows users to create their own library collections to which they can add publications of interest to their subject area. Users can rate and recommend publications, view Altmetric scores and post their own comments about the research.

Science Open also provides researchers with a wide range of great tools, tailored to support research. These include creating a research profile, linking an ORCID account and a sophisticated multidimensional search function which allows for filtering up to 18 criteria.

Truly open research – removing barriers and increasingly discoverability
At the University of Huddersfield Press, we believe that financial barriers should not prevent access to knowledge. This is not only advantageous to readers but also to researchers themselves. Open access publishing enables authors to reach a wider audience and increase the reach of their research. This also opens up academic research to an audience outside of the ‘traditional’ university environment, encouraging a free exchange of knowledge for practitioners, policymakers, students and more. Our growing partnership with Science Open is helping us to make our research truly accessible to all.

Huddersfield University Press Publications on Science Open
From the University of Huddersfield Press, over 130 publications are now available on Science Open. These include: